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Based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, clients choose the attorneys at Stofko Law Office for our excellent credentials and experience. For straightforward and effective counsel when you need it, turn to us to navigate your case.

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Areas of Practice:

Real Estate

Buying a home has an intense amount of paperwork associated with it. We’ll look over all the associated contracts meticulously including mortgages, home loans, escrow law, and much more.


If you’re disputing a DUI case, you need a legal team that understands the law to make sure you are treated fairly. Dennis and Devon are at your service as DUI attorneys that will see your case from its initial stages to completion.


Most legal cases are settled outside of court. Litigation is the process in which both parties come together and negotiate agreeable terms for both sides. Stofko Law Office has experience negotiating and brokering fair deals for our clients.


Any case that is rooted in a private relationship, such as family members or a neighbor, falls under civil law. Stofko Law Office assists you with any civil disputes such as child custody, divorce law, and other related civil cases.

Estate Planning

It’s never too early to begin planning your estate. We’ll help you understand your assets and make a will that is properly carried out per your wishes.

Personal Injury & Property Damage

Anytime you experience property damage to your person or property, you should seek compensation to cover the damages. We’ll work with you to find the proper resolution for your pain and suffering.


Whether you’re the accused or the accuser in a criminal case, let Stofko Law Office represent your best interests. We’ll work with you to understand the specific details of your case, then develop a plan that will deliver you justice.

Insurance Law

If you feel like you’re receiving unjust treatment by your insurance provider, or you dispute the claim filed by another provider, legal action could be a preferred resolution. Stofko Law Office will make sure you aren’t treated unfairly.

Wills, Trusts, & Probate

After the passing of a loved one, it’s important that you have a legal expert to execute the probate and all the wishes of the will. Stofko can assist you in all legal proceedings relating to your loved one’s will.